Pure Water Initiative is…

  • Relationship-based and donors are able to know water projects’ location and the leaders
  • Making a difference in places where there is no other presence
  • Developing new relationships to help people in some of the most remote places on earth.

A gift of $100,000 can bring life to an entire region

Some of our water projects have cost as much as $20,000 while others as little as $1,000.
The average cost thus far is $5,255.

Your gift of $1.00, $100, $1,000, $100,000 , no matter how large or how small will be used to fund pure water in areas of the world untouched by others.

Plaque on Wells in Piduguralla
Plaque on Wells in Piduguralla

Pure Water Initiative, Inc is a small non-profit in the world of providing clean water to developing countries. Our niche is to be present in places where governments, politics and religion affiliations prohibit aid. Because we are small and act small, we are able to partner with local villages and communities that many larger groups cannot or will not reach out to give aid. We have a relationship with each water project, working alongside of the village people as they purchase, build and maintain the water tanks, filtration systems and wells. Our relationships enable us to move in and out of places that many religious organizations and non-profits are not welcomed. We reach out to some of the most remote regions of the world! All gifts go directly to the building and maintenance of projects.