PWI provides water to 144,000 people per day. We have funded and maintain 37 water filtration projects.


PWI has funded 11 water cisterns serving over 4,100 people per day. We are currently building 4 more cisterns to provide pure water to 560 more people per day.


PWI has built 2 wells serving 450 people per day. We are working with indigenous leaders to provide pure water on a larger scale in 2018.


PWI has funded 58 wells and water projects, serving more than 44,500 people per day. We have 15 water projects in progress in multiple states serving diverse people groups.

In total, PWI has built 133 water projects serving 205,310 people per day.  At this time the average cost of a water project is $3.937.52 or $2.16 per person.  Together, we are making a difference.